I believe every great organization has their “Jerry Maguire” moment. They are forced by good conscience to commit to their ideals and use pen & ink as the mortar to lay the foundations for the future. Those are the organizations that are built to rise above any one person and chart the course of progress. Their choice words change hearts, minds and ultimately the actions of individuals. Core Values do not empower individuals because no one is powerless. These words, rather, help people find the power that is theirs to use and direct their efforts to the benefit of all involved.

Brian T. Ho ~ founder of ID VIP Team © & Sun, Snow & Our Show Concert Series ©

Who we are:

ID VIP Team is a not-for profit group dedicated to supporting unsigned artists and building a better future for artists and the music industry through Innovation.


We believe that innovation is derived from the realization that problems are opportunities to adapt and overcome.

What we do:

We make the magic of original music available and affordable for the masses while supporting unsigned musicians in their own individual career paths.

Our Business Model:

Through the not-for-profit concert series “Sun, Snow & Our Show ©”, we brand Sustainable annual events that highlight the talents of undiscovered artists at high profile venues such as community events, trade shows, concerts, and festivals.


We believe that our longevity is guaranteed by being responsible stewards and creating gainful employment for music artists in the music industry.

How we do business:

We build long term relationships that are based on a Code of Conduct and interactions that benefit everyone involved equitably.

Our Code of Conduct:

We believe every positive relationship is based on Respect.

We believe that we are a Family in that we care about the well being of each other and want only the best for each other in spite of any differences, disagreements or adversity we may face.

We celebrate Successes and see an individual’s success as a door of opportunity that is being opened for others to follow.

We believe that we are all professionals representing an industry and as such we believe that basic guidelines of Behaviour as professionals include, but are not limited to:

– no drugs as supporters of “The Clean Scene”

– no alcohol at non-licensed events

– no public intoxication at performances

– no sexual harassment

– no racism

– no profanity on stage

– no wardrobe malfunctions and appropriate clothing for all events

– no public defamation of any person, organization, or event

Our Team:

We believe that our organization succeeds when every team member is supported to reach their full potential through access to ongoing training and mentoring opportunities and are empowered to chart their own individual career course.

Our Management:

We believe that our growth is based on developing compassionate, progressive, innovative leaders that have an unwavering work ethic and are passionate about music and the music industry.

The Clean Scene:

We believe that “Music is all you need to have a good time!” and we want to share that concept through our school based education program.

Joey Welshman – Nokturnal/Ill.Escape Scholarship:

We commit to funding a scholarship for at least one deserving student per year pursuing post-secondary music studies as a sign of gratitude for all of the support we have received since our inception.