In an impersonal world it is the intimate personal interactions that will be cherished the most.

~another hiccup from the mind of The Happy Ho

Work in the entertainment industry has become a process of marketing, networking, connecting, capitalizing, and maximizing. It is a process and ID VIP Team operates under the directives of our Core Values and we progress and succeed through these fundamental principles on how we do our work:

1. Do everything with Purpose.

If you don’t know why you are doing it, find out or don’t do it! We are always looking to get the most results with the least effort and that means constantly ensuring everything we do is done with purpose!

2. Does your work have a Benefit?

Whether financial, social, economic or environmental – all of our work must have a benefit to it or it is a waste of time, energy and resources.

3. Build your perfect balance.

You do not have to choose between work, personal and family time or between personal and professional goals. We want you to learn how to make your work enhance both. It’s all about choices and we want you to make healthy balanced choices. In our industry, above most, it is very easy to mesh work with personal and family time. We encourage it whenever possible. Imagine a life where you never knew you were working and just loved what you did every day!

4. There is no time clock.

The only expectation we have is that you NEED to accomplish AT LEAST one thing everyday:

Personally: one thing for you.

Professionally: one thing for ID VIP Team.

Community: one thing for the community around you.

5. The Best Manager is You

It is up to you when, where and how you do your work. We are all professionals and as such we work hard at managing ourselves to get the best and most results from our efforts every day. Managers in our organization are facilitators and mentors here to help you find the best path for you.