12songsThe Twelve Songs of Christmas – 2012

ID VIP Team and Sun, Snow & Our Show Concert Series are proud to present the songs of the season in this unique concert series.

ID VIP Team artists present twelve songs of Christmas. They are unique, personal versions of classics or their own creations sharing the Christmas spirit with you. Proceeds will be used to help support more opportunities for unsigned artists and cover travel expenses for Sun, Snow & Our Show Concert Series artists in 2012.

Watch for numerous performances in November & December.

This project is a fund raiser based on a 50:50 proceed split. We provide a full sound & light show with 2 video screens and Christmas stage props, 6 musicians, sound engineer/DJ, stage manager, posters and promo material, tickets and online promotions & ticket sales. You, as the host organization, provide the venue and do the physical ticket sales. The show is 2 x 30 minute sets with a 15 minute intermission for a total run time of 1 hour & 15 minutes.

Here’s how it would work:

Total tickets sold: 200 250 300

Ticket Price: $7.50 $7.50 $7.50

Total Revenue: $1500 $1875 $2250

Your portion $750 $938 $1125

You can book up to 5 shows on a Saturday or Sunday as long as you can reach the minimum level attendance level of 200 at each show. You are also able to sell product, memberships, etc before the concert, during the 15 minute intermission and after the concert as well to maximize on the fundraising potential of the event.

We can also provide:

– Access to discounted DJ, sound system and concert services

– Fund raiser programs including our CD Distribution program, concert series and more.

Bookings are on a “first come, first serve basis”. Please check our calendar to see if your date is available!

For more information or to book your Christmas party please contact:

Brian T. Ho – GM
Phone: (780)907-3682
email: brian@idvipteam.com


Karli Schiebelbein – Live & Acoustic Talent Coordinator
Phone: (780)340-6993
email: karli@idvipteam.com.