1. Sign into (or create PayPal) account. You will then arrive at the screen below.
  2. Click on “Send & Request”


  1. You will then arrive at this screen. Click on “Create Invoice”


  1. Again, click “Create an invoice”.


  1. You will then see the invoice template. Please fill it out with correct dates, correct billing information. Send your invoice to inc@shaw.ca


  1. Finishing filling out invoice. “Item name” should include the description as to why you are billing ID VIP Team. For example “Canada Day Performance, Location Manager, Sound Tech fees” etc. Please do not charge GST unless you have a GST number and file with the government.


  1. When you are confident it is filled out properly (we encourage you to click the preview button and ensure all is filled out correctly), hit send. You will be notified when your invoice is paid.

**Please ensure you have a bank account set up with your PayPal account so you can quickly deposit when you have received payment.

Thank you!