ID VIP Team Corporation ~ Our year and our future

-insights from Brian T. Ho (The Happy Ho)

There comes a time in our lives when we look back and reflect upon the journey we have taken. For many of us that time is New Years. It is a time to step across a threshold and walk through the hopeful doorway of a new year and leave behind the negative of the past. Often times we don’t realize we are carrying the negative in the baggage in our hands and the company joining us through the door. For those of us lucky enough to have taken off the blinders, we often try to set down that baggage and instead walk through that door hand-in-hand with people who help make the journey of this life so much more amazing. It is walking through that doorway accompanied by friends, family, allies and the kindness of familiar angels that make the hope of a new year more than a flicker of a flame in a windy night but more of a bonfire to be shared by all who can see it.

our storyID VIP Team is now a corporation in 2012. It is so strange to even say that considering where we started. We started this journey on August 7, 2010. I have a “Life List” and I had crossed off teaching myself how to drum and wanted to take the next step and drum with a DJ in a nightclub for my birthday. I arranged to have Ironhorse Nightclub as the venue to celebrate my birthday and my wife Lindsey’s birthday. Ironhorse was throwing a huge event on August 6, 2010 and had committed a large advertising budget to fill the venue. They didn’t care about the next day and so August 7, 2010 would be the very first event ID VIP Team would throw. Through an odd referral, I met an eager, energetic and sincere young man named Chris Dolan aka DJ Komrad who would eventually become like a younger brother to me. As we planned for the event, musicians and artists began to hear about the event and asked to be part of it. We eventually had an eclectic mix of live performers and dj’s performing. Without a dime of advertising, we packed the venue at over 500 patrons. It was a huge success and people asked us if we could do it again.

We did try to do it again through the Fall of 2010 at local clubs and the struggle to succeed was a shock. I saw so many artists being treated as a disposable commodity and it outraged me. I saw young people with talent, ability and work ethic being crushed by an impossible system where no one could truly succeed. It is here where my wife stepped in to share her insight and asked me… “If that was your daughter or your son, what would you do?”. I guess the rest will be the history of our company. In the Spring of 2011 we started the process of working with municipalities, organizations and branding annual events that created genuine opportunities for musicians. In 2011 we worked on 5 municipal events. In 2012 we worked on 15 municipal and annual events and became the Preferred Entertainment Supplier for the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and purchased one of the largest DJ companies in Edmonton. In 2013, we are planning over 30 municipal and annual events, building our own recording studio, launching our own online radio station and launching a music distribution program for our artists.

What does the future hold for ID VIP Team? More of the best of what we have done. First and foremost building a community for musicians that is based on the concept of a family as opposed to competition. We are here to empower each other to succeed and help each other find “success” in whatever form that means for each of us. We will teach, train, mentor and market our musicians. We will help provide every tool we can to empower each musician. We will build our not-for-profit division concert series “Sun, Snow & Our Show” and commit to building our music scholarship,the “Joey Welshman – Nokturnal/Ill.escape Scholarship” We will commit to a higher level of professionalism so we can shine like a bonfire in the darkness of an industry where far too many are lost alone in the cold.

I want to thank each and every one of you that is taking this walk with me. It is a privilege and an honor to do this with you and I am so sincerely proud of everything that we have accomplished in spite of the overwhelming struggles and hardships we have faced. There are many people that deserve acknowledgment but these are the core few who have sacrificed so much to help others…

My Wife and Children ~ thank you for letting me put so much time into this and sacrificing your time with me

Chris Dolan aka DJ Komrad ~ thank you for being there through every bit of this!

My Wonderful Girls from Drowning Ophelia (Karli & Candace) ~ thank you for sacrificing to help us get here

Thomas Genereux aka Funkenstein Dangerfield ~ thank you for helping see and define our future



Brian T. Ho | General Manager

ID VIP Team Corp. | Sun, Snow & Our Show Concert Series Ltd.


Date: December 30, 2012