Blue Ridge Logging Days 2016 Outdoor Vendor Registration


Product Description

The Canadian Forestry Association and Canadian Institute of Forestry named the Town of Whitecourt and Woodlands County as the Forest Capital of Canada for consecutive years. As part of the Forest Capital of Canada Program, Blue Ridge is hosting this annual community event dedicated to the forestry industry.

As the only logging festival in Alberta, Logging Days provides an insight into the history of logging in the region, the benefits of the current sustainable industry and it’s implications on our daily lives, and what the future holds for the industry through partnerships, technology and innovation while sharing local culture and arts in a family friendly environment.

All vendors are responsible for all appropriate insurance and applicable licensing to participate in our events. Your fees cover any municipal vendor permit fees for the event. You will be provided with an outdoor or indoor area measuring a minimum of 10′ by 10′. Tents, tables, and chairs are all provided at an additional charge. Availability is on a “first come, first serve” basis. A vendor package will be forwarded to you one week prior to the event upon successful registration with all fees paid in full. **Please ensure to read all event descriptions before booking your spot.**

Please note: There are limited spots available and high demand. Therefore, there are no refunds on space rentals. There are also no refunds on the Program/Website ads due to the cost of layout, etc.