ID VIP Team Professional Development Program – What does it mean to be a Professional?

What does it mean to be a Professional?

Professionals have existed since the inception of the industrial revolution. That period was known for incredible breakthroughs in technology, entrepreneurial innovation and economic growth. It provided incredible opportunities for individuals with the ability to take advantage of them! There were those individuals who sought profit today at the expense of others and the future, and there were those who sought a long-term success based in ethics and sustainable business practices. Professionals became the shining knights of enterprise against those who sought profit at any cost. As we watch the dawn of a revolution in the music industry, we need to be able to capitalize on the opportunities that are an inevitable part of the process and do so in an ethical and sustainable manner. This program intends to ensure that those members of our organization that call themselves Professionals do!

In our organization, a Professional will be defined by the following characteristics:


In an environment of instability and change, the world turns to leaders to guide them through the uncertainty. It is a fact of life and as such we need to help foster and develop leadership in our organization and in our people. Leaders do not create solutions but rather facilitate them. Leaders learn to analyze and assess situations to find the underlying causes of problems and then assemble the resources and people to solve those problems in an expedient and efficient manner.


Every person’s actions affect those around them and as such we want to ensure that our actions improve the world around us! We seek to build long-term sustainable relationships that ensure the longevity of what we do and provide a positive legacy for those that seek to continue what we start.


Every transaction and interaction in your life is based on a relationship. In order for those relationships to be positive, you must have trust. Professionals garner trust through endorsements by other credible parties. Whether it is through education or professional institutions, employment or project track records, clients, accreditation, or a combination of factors, they are trusted because someone has publicly acknowledged and endorsed them as a Professional.


Stewardship is defined as the ability to recognize, manage and utilize your resources to their fullest potential in order to maximize returns from those resources. It is a big statement with even bigger implications.

We recognize that the things we buy; whether that be equipment, vehicles or “stuff”, all depreciate or decrease in value over time. That just means we need to make sure we are getting the absolute best deal on anything we buy and use those assets to generate revenue to the fullest potential possible at all times! If it does not make us money and we do not need it – WE WILL NOT BUY IT!

On the other hand, we recognize that the only things in our business that will increase in value over time are our people. As we train, mentor and support our people, they are worth more each and every day. We recognize that and accordingly have the responsibility to ensure that our people are ALWAYS maximizing the use of their time and efforts! Our people need to be dedicated to the tasks that increase our revenue so that we can afford to increase their pay as they grow as professionals. Our managers need to ensure they are coaching their staff and directing their efforts to the tasks that ensure our profitability and continue growth to guarantee our sustainability.


Every great Leader & Steward will credit their success to learning the processes of an enterprise. Processes are developed to avoid problems and ensure the best results on a consistent basis with the least amount of effort and resources.


My grandfather told me as a child, “the older I get the more I realize how little I know”. That statement baffled me as a child and compels me as an adult. We are students our whole life and those of us that wish to pursue our dreams and make the most of our lives are compelled to ensure we dedicate an appropriate amount of time to learning and growing as individuals.


A teacher shares facts and a mentor shares a way of life. Mentors are life coaches that teach, train, inspire, motivate, and support worthy interns to help them attain their own individual success.


No man is an island and we are part of a community and a world greater than our own individual lives. As such we:


recognize the importance of those around us

Taking part in activities and organizations that improve the lives of those around us is a fundamental part of any professional development program and a critical part of our organization.